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The processing of payroll, with the related tax deposit and Federal & State reporting requirements, can be one of the least productive and most costly back office functions a business faces. 

Penalties for late tax deposits or un-timely reports (i.e. new employees, quarterly returns, etc.) add up quickly to significant sums not to mention the frustration of the correspondence from the taxing authorities.

Van Tassell & Paegel provide payroll-processing services for businesses with as few as one employee. The processing is done in house and under the strictest of confidentiality. Some of the benefits of our service include:

  1. Your time is available to focus on growing your business
  2. Your liability for payroll tax related penalties are reduced
  3. Our fees are less than those charged by the national payroll services
  4. Checks are drawn on your bank account and the funds do not leave your account until your employee deposits their check, and
  5. Your payroll schedule does not have to be modified to conform to our system (we believe service means service)

We would be delighted to discuss the advantages of your payroll being processed by experts that stand behind their work. Discover the benefits of Van Tassell & Paegel's Payroll Processing Service!

For more information, please send email to payroll@sierracpa.com