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Everyone's goal should be the minimization of his or her tax obligation!

    Every day, Van Tassell & Paegel are helping their clients keep more of what they earn and VT & P is doing it quickly and affordably, which further increases our client's wealth (not to mention their peace of mind).

    VT & P can assist you in the preparation of individual, partnership, LLC, S & C Corporation, fiduciary, exempt organization and estate & gift tax returns.

    To truly maximize the benefits of VT & P tax savings we suggest utilizing our tax planning services. Most people would never go on vacation without any idea of where they are going or what they are going to do when they get there; it is surprising how many businesses and individuals embark on their financial journeys with no plan! VT & P can assists their clients in establishing realistic attainable goals to minimize the tax burden and maximize their wealth.

For more information, please email taxes@sierracpa.com