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Volume 3 Number 2


Expanded Financial Services

At Van Tassell & Paegel we have continually endeavored to "help you keep more of what you earn...

"To maintain that goal and to provide our clients with the best tax planning services, we are pleased to announce that Randy Van Tassell has obtained his securities license and has become a Registered Representative of H.D. Vest Investment Securities, Inc.  He is now able to offer more comprehensive financial services, to California & Nevada residents, with an approach to total planning that considers more comprehensive solutions.

As we have stated in past, without good planning one can pay more tax than they need to pay. We at Van Tassell & Paegel have always pointed out ways to save tax dollars. Now, Randy can discuss specific investments with you instead of talking in general terms. For example, this year, as part of the tax return preparation process Randy can review your specific retirement goals and investment portfolio from a tax aspect for suitability. We may then explore possible alternatives to fit your exact circumstances.

If you are interested in examining ways to potentially improve your spendable income now or accumulate assets to work toward long-term goals, call Randy and together discuss the specific investment that will help meet your objectives. Randy will show you alternatives and suggest appropriate products suitable to your specific needs and financial situation.

Our clients have placed a great deal of confidence in Van Tassell & Paegel to prepare their tax returns. Now, you can take advantage of Randy's overall financial and tax knowledge to assist you in planning your financial future as well.

Securities are offered through H D Vest Investment Securities, In. 6333 North State Highway 161, Fourth Floor, Irving, Texas 75038 (972) 870-6000 Member NASD SIPC;

Reporting Independent Contractors

  Employers have reported new hired employees to the California Employment Development Department.
  Under AB 196 and SB 542 this reporting requirement will be expanded to include independent contractors effective January 1, 2001.
  Employers will have to supply a host of information to the EDD for any contractor if your payments to the individual are, or will be, at least $600 in any year. The data must be submitted within 20 days of the earlier of 1) the point at which payments reached $600; or 2) the date a contact was entered into providing for payments of $600 or more.
  As a result of this reporting the EDD will learn details about your employee/independent contractor classification policies. The end product could be your business is audited to redefine independent 
contractors as employees.
  We will be happy to review your present classification policy. Call Marlene at 872-1122.